Electronic communication

Receiving electronic communication

Legally relevant applications and declarations via electronic communication

Esslingen Council offers the option of communicating electronically. In the field of administrative procedures, electronic communication conforms with section 3a of the German Administrative Procedure Act (Verwaltungsverfahrensgesetz).

According to this law, the transmission of electronic documents is permissible on condition that the recipient has provided an address for the receipt of such documents. Furthermore, electronic communication (email correspondence) with a qualified electronic signature is deemed equivalent to a written document bearing a personal handwritten signature.

We have set up the following central email address for electronic communication:

On our website you will also find further email addresses of individual departments and persons to whom you can send emails.

File formats

When sending emails with file attachments to the council offices, please note that our browser does not support all customary file formats and applications. We can process the following file formats:

  • Adobe Acrobat from version 5 onwards
  • Rich Text (.rtf)
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint up to Windows 7
  • Image file formats ending in .gif; .jpg; .tif; .bmp
  • Compression formats ending in .zip und .rar

Emails must comply with the Internet standard (SMTP; MIME) and consist of standard characters used in Western Europe. No other formats will be processed.

Digitally signed or encrypted electronic communication

For technical and organizational reasons, Esslingen am Neckar Council is unfortunately unable to verify the authenticity and validity of electronic signatures or to decode encrypted emails. Please use the postal service for transmitting confidential information.

Documents requiring the written form, i.e. a personal signature, cannot be transmitted electronically. You are therefore kindly requested to use paper-based communication in such cases.

If we are unable to process an email, you will be notified by the recipient. Difficulties of this kind may be caused for example by computer viruses, general technical problems or deviations from technical parameters.
This information only applies for communication with Esslingen am Neckar Council and not for third-party websites such as those operated by other authorities.


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